Hello! I'm Ellie. I make all the Sister Luna jewellery by hand using traditional silversmithing techniques from my studio in Bristol, UK. 


The name Sister Luna comes from a fascination with the moon and what it represents - feminine power, natural forces and the cyclical nature of life. Just like the moon, we are constantly changing in our rhythms and energy and I love how jewellery can reflect this, making us feel powerful, sentimental, mindful, (the list goes on!)

I hope to make jewellery that is both statement and wearable, using a range of metals - jewellery for every mood. This doesn't mean fast fashion. I use recycled metals and eco friendly ways of working as much as possible -  you can read more about my commitment to sustainability here.

I'm always happy to chat so please drop me a line if you've got any questions or comments. Give me a follow on Instagram for regular news and offers (I love to see my jewellery on you so please feel free to tag me!)

Lots of love, 

                     Ellie xx