Sister Luna is a sustainable / slow fashion brand, using sustainable materials and ways of working to ensure your jewellery has a long and happy life.


M a t e r i a l s   

Pieces are made from 'eco silver' and brass from UK suppliers. Eco silver is 100% recycled silver that hasn't been freshly mined. So it causes no damage to the environment and there are no exploitative practices in production. It has exactly the same qualities as standard 925 sterling silver - it can be worked with in the same way and has the same lifespan. It is also nickel free so perfect for those with sensitive skin. All Sister Luna ear wires are made with eco silver.


Brass is a super sustainable metal. It can be recycled infinite times over without diminishing its composition, one of the most energy efficient metals to recycle. Sister Luna jewellery uses brass rather than gold plated metal as gold plating wears off over time, either needing to be re-plated after a couple of years or thrown away in favour of a new item. 


In time, Sister Luna would like to move towards using recycled solid gold but until then, brass is an accessible alternative and the affordability makes it perfect for larger statement pieces. Brass can be easily cleaned and polished it if tarnishes, meaning with the right care, your brass jewellery should last a lifetime. 


P a c k a g i n g 

All pieces come in recycled / recyclable packaging. The boxes are FSC certified, the inserts made from tall oil, a by product of paper production. Orders are sent out in 'green' padded envelopes or postal boxes.


 W a y s   o f   w o r k i n g 

I aim for zero waste in my studio, reusing material and offcuts to create new pieces, like the Molten silver range. I try to limit the chemicals used in production and opt for eco friendly alternatives when I can.

Pieces are handmade to order or made in small batches so this also limits waste. If your piece shows any defects other than usual wear and tear I can offer a repair service.

Advice on how to care for your jewellery so it has a long and happy life can be found here