Jewellery care

Your Sister Luna jewellery will last a lifetime if cared for correctly. Brass, copper and silver pieces have slightly different care requirements as seen below. 


I use recycled 925 sterling silver for all of my silver pieces. There is no nickel and no silver plating in 925 sterling silver so it is suitable for sensitive ears / skins. Like all metals, it can tarnish over time with exposure to sulphites in the environment.

So you don't need to clean your pieces as regularly, it is advised to store in a box when not being worn and give it a quick rub with a polishing cloth now and again. Avoiding excessive exposure to humidity and moisture is also a good idea. 


The same care requirements go for brass and copper pieces but they are even more sensitive to environmental damage. 

In particular, take care when using perfumes, sprays and lotions as they can damage the metal. Some people find the PH in their skin can react with brass and copper so you may need to clean your pieces more regularly.

I use 'Renaissance wax' on my brass and copper pieces to slow down the tarnishing process and include a polishing cloth impregnated with brass / copper cleaner should they tarnish.


As well as using a polishing cloth regularly, you can buy inexpensive metal polish like 'Brasso' or 'Silvo' in most supermarkets.

For an eco friendly alternative to metal polish you can use a mix of salt or baking powder and lemon juice to clean your jewellery with. Add a few drops of washing up liquid for extra cleaning power. 

Mix of paste of the ingredients and rub it on to your jewellery with a cloth. Rinse off thoroughly and then rub dry / polish. Voila! Shiny, sparkly jewellery!